Rest In Heaven, Edwin Hawkins!

Posted January 27, 2018 by Gene Burke

PLEASANTON, CA – Gospel pioneer, Edwin Hawkins, best known of gospel hit, Oh Happy Day has passed away on Monday, January 15, 2018 at the age of 74.  Everyone here at Look Up Radio sends our condolences to his loved ones in light of this sad news.


Songs you can listen to for comfort in your cry for justice

Posted July 7, 2016 by Look Up Radio

In times of senseless injustice, it can be very difficult to form the words necessary to describe the pain and confusion many of us feel. It is hard not to become hopeless and even harder to find solutions where innocent men like Alton Sterling and Philando Castile – within days of one another – are publicly and shamelessly slaughtered at the hands of law enforcement.


10 Powerful Worship Songs To Add To Your Playlist Now

Posted December 1, 2015 by April D. Byrd

It’s probably a good idea to add these songs to your playlist that is, if you don’t already have them on constant repeat. There’s nothing like a powerful worship song to help stir up the spirit and get that fire started.


What If We “Reviewed” The Gospel Like Patti LaBelle Pies?

Posted November 26, 2015 by April D. Byrd


Ever since that viral video of somebody reviewing a Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato pie online. The brand has never been the same. The creator Patti LaBelle has been featured on multiple talk shows, the pie has sold out in stores, been the topic of debate and even controversy.


“Here am I. Send Me!”

Posted November 24, 2015 by Isabella Fout Losambe

There is nothing more fulfilling than utilizing your talents to do something that makes a difference. Realizing that God is about to use you for something that will make an impact is empowering; and yet it is in the moment you are called forward and sent out that is awe inspiring.


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