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Do You Use Social Networking Sites To Spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ?

With the growing usage of social networking sites by people of all ages, there is sure to be a vast number of people who have listed “Christian, Catholic, God, and/or Jesus Christ” under their Religious Views. In fact, to note is that Facebook fan pages geared toward Christians such as Jesus Daily, The Bible, and Jesus Christ all have among the highest daily interactions on the popular social networking site. Even more than Justin Beiber? Yes, even Beiber’s influence on the ladies doesn’t stand a chance against the Almighty Himself. Let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

Back in May 2011, The CNA reports,
Religious pages on Facebook attract significant engagement and pages about Jesus and the Bible recently beat out pop stars like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga in attracting user activity.

The “Jesus Daily” page led user activity rankings, with nearly 2.3 million interactions in the week of May 9 to May 15, the social media analysis site AllFacebook.com reported. The page broadcasts daily devotional material, including the words of Jesus from the Bible.

Over 900,000 interactions took place on the page for “The Bible,” which was second-highest in the rankings. It too shares daily Bible quotations.

The Spanish-language page “Dios Es Bueno!” [God is Good] ranked ninth in user interactions, with nearly 460,000 in the week monitored by AllFacebook.com.

A page titled “Jesus Christ” came in 16th with almost 316,000 interactions, ahead of the NBA.

With that being said, evangelism on Facebook using fan pages seems quite effective and there is a growing number of leadership conferences being contoured to and built around evangelism and outreach using the web. With social media integration everywhere you look and connections being made easier as time goes on, individual Christians have the opportunity to reach more than ever with God’s message.

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