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Fake bombs strapped to store employees

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – A violent scene unfolded at a Hampton grocery store Friday morning.

Just before 7:30 a.m., police were called to the Food Lion in the Newmarket Square shopping center off Mercury Boulevard.

According to Hampton Police Cpl. Jason Price, two suspects entered the store and told employees it was a robbery. They identified themselves as FBI agents, according to Cpl. Price.

There were two employees, a food vendor and six customers in the store at the time.

The suspects strapped what they described as “bombs” to the employees, and then proceeded through the business.

The suspects encountered the beer vendor, who did not work for Food Lion, and shot the vendor in the leg, Price said.

The vendor then stabbed one of the suspects in the upper torso.

The suspects were last seen fleeing the rear of the building. Cpl. Price said the suspects were wearing all black. One was carrying a clipboard and was wearing a shirt with ‘FBI” written on the front.

The Newport News Fire Department Bomb Squad is on the scene, and determined the device was not a bomb, but a makeshift fake device.

There is a K-9 on the scene trying to get tracks of the suspects.

Cpl. Price said this is a joint investigation with the FBI.

Newport News Public Schools spokesperson Michelle Price said that there are no schools in Newport News on lockdown at this point, but the schools are going to remain diligent.



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