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Is Age 11 Too Young to Learn About Sex Positions In School?

New York, NY – The New York school board has approves a risky new curriculum set to begin next spring.  Although sex education isn’t anything new to schools, these assignments may be, and it has parent in an uproar:

“Reports have indicated that workbooks include a number of controversial assignments such as high school students going to stores to record condemn prices, brands and features.  Kids aged 11-12 were required to evaluate he safety of certain sexual activites including ‘Intercourse using a condom and oil-based lubricant,’ mutual masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex.” (source: The Christian Post)

That’s not all.  The new curriculum would allow and direct students to a Columbia University website www.goaskalice.com as a resource.  The website is used by the university for sex education which covers topics such as “sadomasochistic sex play, and different sexual positions.”

While the new curriculum is met with much resistance, one father likes the idea. “I think it’s a good idea.  They’re going to have sex.  They know it exists.  Teaching them about it in my mind doesn’t sanction it or encourage it,” he told WSBT.  Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs also praised the school board for the decision to bring back mandatory sex ed in New York.

The Dept. of Education say that the course material is meant to emphasize abstinence as “the best way to avoid pregnancy and STD/HIV”.  The board also said that parents have a choice to opt their children out of the lesson, however the board maintains the course teaches “methods of protection.”

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