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What is “The L.I.F.E. App”?

The explanation is simple, really.

  • Literal
  • Instructions
  • For
  • Empowerment

…and how to apply these L.I.F.E. principles to your, well – life.

Ever had a question about a particular scripture that you didn’t really understand; or maybe how to make practical sense out of it?  Well, here’s your opportunity to ask!  Now, we don’t claim to know everything, of course that right and privilege is reserved for God but, maybe through His grace, wisdom, and to His glory, we may be able to help you with clarity.

Submit your questions  to [email protected].  Remember to include your name and bible verse(s). Then, check back and if the Lord wills it, we’ll post your L.I.F.E. App here.

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