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Look Up Radio |  #1 Christian Contemporary and Gospel Radio Station | 6 BIGGEST AND DEADLIEST SUICIDE MYTHS


Myth #1 – No one can stop suicide, it is inevitable.

Myth #2 – Confronting a person about suicide will only make a person angry and increase the risk of suicide.

Myth #3 – Only experts can prevent suicide.

Myth #4 – Suicidal people keep their plans to themselves.

Myth #5 – Once a person decides to complete suicide there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

Myth #6 – Those who talk about suicide don’t do it.

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Truth #1 – If people in a crisis get the help they need they will probably never be suicidal again.

Truth #2 – Asking someone about suicide intent lowers the anxiety, opens up communication, and lowers the risk of an impulsive act.

Truth #3 – Suicide prevention is everybody’s business and everybody can help prevent the tragedy of suicide.

Truth #4 – Most suicidal people communicate their intent sometime during the week preceding their attempt.

Truth #5 –Those who talk about suicide may try, or even complete an act of self-destruction.

Truth #6 – Suicide is the most preventable kind of death and almost any positive action can save a life.

Revised and used with permission by QPR Institute—QPR Myth and Facts
© Cheryl Ott 2011 Stubborn Love: A Recommitment to Live When Giving Up Seemed so Much Easier

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