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Dress Code: What to wear at _____ ?

We’ve all been there… you are staring at that penciled in occasion in your planner or that alert on your smart phone for that “special” occasion and you think to yourself “What am I going to wear?” Good question, what now? Well here’s a list of common occasions and my suggestions for the right attire. Hopefully you all will find these helpful….xoxo Kira


  1.  Job Interview – Before I begin I must stress this fact, there is NO cookie cutter formula for acceptable interview attire!! The only concrete rules are:  Stay true to yourself & Dress appropriate for the position. If your interviewing for an office job such as a clerical, accounting, management position it’s best to stay on the conservative side. However, this does not mean pull out the 1980’s power suit or that pinstriped suit with the alligator shoes fellas. Great fitting suits, pencil skirts, button ups, silk blouses, pullover sweaters, flat front chinos, and polo shirts are a do!
  2. First Date – Butterflies in your stomach and music in your ears, ah what a feeling…don’t blow it by over thinking it and misrepresenting yourself! My golden rule for ANY first date is to wear DENIM. No matter where you are headed you can’t go wrong with a great fitting pair of jeans and a flattering top. The last thing anyone wants to see sitting across from them is a shifty, uncomfortable, self conscious person who’s more focused on their outfit than their company…and ladies please, don’t wear stilettos to the bowling alley!
  3. A Funeral – We all say black is best, yet in my opinion gray and navy blue work just as well. Often times the family of the deceased may even decide to wear white in some Christian ceremonies as a sign of celebrating their loved one’s home going. Keep in mind this should be reserved for the family….not Tyree from the block! I’ve included this occasion because while many will wear black they will wear black club gear. A funeral is not the place to wear your black tights with midriff blazer and platform booties. I’m just saying.

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  4. Office Party – Tis’ the season for office Christmas parties and the last thing you want is to have pictures of you on Facebook in AMI Clubwear next to Bob from accounting. While for many this is the time to let your hair down and ditch the cardigan and post earrings in favor of layered necklaces, cocktail rings, and silky camisoles, there is a thin line between fun and desperate. Opt for skinny pants, dark denim trousers, a great platform heel, silky blouse, and sparkly clutch. Loose the office jewelry for bolder statement pieces.
  5. Weddings – For daytime/afternoon weddings opt for a ladylike wrap dress or one of this season’s 70’s inspired chiffon numbers. For evening weddings dress tends to be more formal, black tie even. Ditch the Sunday best in favor of sequins, strapless cocktail dresses, or even full length gowns. Take an old bridesmaid dress and shorten the hem to get some actual use out of that thing! Have one you like as is? Perfect, now you can get you $150 worth out of that thing, LOL!!!!


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