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Shooter Says “Sent By Jesus to Assassinate Obama/Antichrist”

Source: The Christian Post


The alleged shooter who has been charged with attempting to assassinate President Obama Thursday, believed he was on a mission from Jesus and that Obama was the Antichrist, according to people that knew him.

Idaho man Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, 21, was arrested this week for firing a rifle at the White House.

The accused attended court in Pennsylvania on Thursday; saying only “Yes Ma’am,” when asked if he understood that he would be taken back to Washington under the charges against him.

Police believe that Ortega-Hernandez fired nine rounds off at the White House from an AK47 rifle last Friday. A bullet was found lodged between an outer window and an inner layer of bullet-proof glass in the White House’s Yellow Oval Room.

An official has said according to the Washington Post: “He hates the president, he hates Washington, he hates society.”

It is believed that the gunman opened fire on the White House at about 9.30 p.m. last Friday; quickly fleeing right after.

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Authorities have confirmed that there is evidence Ortega-Hernandez believed he was under a personal “mission from God” to carry out his attack.

During the time of the shooting President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were not in the White House, but were traveling to attend the APEC Summit in Hawaii.

According to AP, a computer consultant in Idaho Falls has described meeting Ortega-Hernandez on July 8, 2011. Monte McCall said that the accused told him: “Well, you know the president is getting ready to make an announcement that they’re going to put GPS chips in all the children, so they’re safe… That’s just what the Antichrist is going to do to mark everybody.”

Ortega-Hernandez has been charged with attempted assassination of the president, and if convicted could face life in prison.

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