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Dress Code: Top 5 Handbags Every Woman Should Own

For some women a handbag or purse is nothing more than a place to throw any and everything they need. Ask them to dump the contents on a table and you may find anything from bills to baby food! To these women the handbag is about function not fashion…a necessity not an accessory. In this week’s article I’d like to share my suggestions on how to obtain both and I’ve narrowed it down to the top five essential styles that are always in season.

  • Tote Bag – I know what you’re thinking, how can a tote bag be stylish? Well totes have come a long way from the beach. They are no longer the neon canvas bags you may recall. Totes now come in a wide variety of fabrics, textures, colors and designers. The tote bag is ideal for a student since it is usually roomy enough to fit a laptop or tablet and your assignments. This is also an option for those of us with office jobs who don’t want a briefcase but need a bag large enough to fit paperwork.
  • Evening Clutch – If there is any pet peeve I have when it comes to evening wear, it’s seeing a gorgeous cocktail dress paired with a bulky purse! Ladies resist the temptation to take that 9-5 office tote with you on that dinner date or to the office party.  A clutch has just enough space for your phone, tissues, lipstick, mirror, ID, money, and keys…. If the occasion calls for evening wear leave everything but the bare necessities at home. (TIP: your clutch doesn’t have to be black. Try a nude or blush shade that matches everything or even a metallic silver or gold)
  • Cross body Bag – From the iconic Chanel version with the chain metal straps to the trendier styles found in H&M or Aldo, this bag is EVERYWHERE. One of the major reasons for this style’s appeal is its functionality. This style is perfect for those times when you need your hands free (i.e. shopping, hanging out with friends, trips to the museum or park). This is the go to option for me on the weekends when I have free time. Comfort and function wrapped in one!
  • Satchel – Nothing says sophistication like a satchel. No matter if you’re wearing a suit or jeans and a button up…add a satchel and you instantly look professional. The great thing about this style of purse is that due to its popularity and high demand, it should be easy to find one at a reasonable price. First start by selecting a bag you like as a reference (such as the classic Hermes Birkin satchel), next use that to find similar styles in retail or thrift stores that fit your budget. (TIP: if the satchel is not quite your style try a bowling bag, which is a bit smaller and looks less collegiate)
  • Shoulder Bag – Now this is a bag I’m sure you already own…and with good reason! For most women this is their everyday, go to bag. It’s not as big and structured as a tote, not as small and casual as a cross body purse, or as serious as a satchel; which makes it perfect for everyday use. Women who love larger bags like this especially since it can be large enough for paper work, yet just small enough to carry to dinner after work without the “power suit” lol. My suggestion, since this is probably the bag you carry most, is to make sure you have options to choose from and that you bag is a versatile color.

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