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The Temporal God?

I’m truly not certain which thought my thoughts would fall under and hopefully you can lend a hand in placing me under the correct umbrella of theology.

I think that claims to a God who is powerful enough to create man yet incapable of interjecting himself into it in a controlling manner argues both against logic and the scriptures. Christ, being God, commanded nature to come to rest when faced with a rising storm (Matthew 8:23-27, NIV). The disciples even marveled to say, “What manner of man is this that the winds and sea obey Him?” The bible shows us a God who is not just capable but is willing to involve himself in the affairs of man even to the point of altering nature. Now the question of why he doesn’t do so in all instances is shown in the scriptures as well. To the glory of God, Christ performed miracles (John 14:13, NIV). Some questions have to arise as to God being glorified if the cease of all evil were to come about. After all, it is through trials and temptations that mankind is compelled to pray to God.  Mind you, I am not asserting that temptations are sent from God as James 1:13-14 declares that God is never tempted of evil, but man is tempted under his own desires.

So, my perspective of God’s interaction with His creation is one that exists outside of our temporal space. God does not view time as humanity does. God has seen the end of all things as he has the beginning. He states in John’s revelation that He is the alpha and omega which is to say He is the beginning, having been there to declare it. Also God states that he is the omega or the end, which stands to reason that He has already seen the end. If God does not exist in the end of days how would it be for Him to expose John to what the end days would be like. How would god be able to grant his prophets the foresight to accurately proclaim future events? I believe that God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent both on the universal plane as well as on the temporal plane. In this vain of thought, I assert that God has seen the end and has worked throughout time to ensure that our pitfalls and mistakes work out for our good, if we are His called. Knowing the end accounts for a book filled with names of them who would accept His son and be saved, not because he kept some from being saved to meet a quota but because he knows the final score to the game. In this case God is not on the side line rooting for mankind; on the contrary He is in the game encouraging us to play the game through with courage and integrity, knowing that in the end we will win. Christ knew full well that Judas would betray him, yet He still chose Judas as a disciple knowing ultimately that the events that would take place must be in order for the end that God has seen to come about.

Elder William C. Luff, Dean of Students

School of Life Institute

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