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Dress Code: Spring 2012 Trends

Hello everyone!! The weather is changing and before you know it the grass will be green and the flowers in bloom, yes that’s right…spring is here! This time of year is full of new fashion possibilities. The weather can range from 50-70 degrees over the next two months giving you plenty of cardigan wears and trench coat opportunities.  Spring 2012 fashion is all about femininity. Everything about being a lady is on full display this season right down to the patterns. From floral prints, chiffon skirts, lace, to neon colors…no matter what, wear it like a lady. This seasons top trends:

  • Lace
  • Pastels
  • Mixing Prints
  • Primary Colors
  • Neon
  • Florals

My advice when deciding what trends to try, if not all of them, is simple….stay true to your personal style. For example, everywhere I look in stores there are jeans in all 64 Crayola colors, however I loathe colored jeans. Blue, black, and white are the only “colors” I’ll ever wear…and that’s OK! Not every trend is for you, so don’t waste money on a fleeting purchase. Now a great trouser in a bold hue? I’m all for it, lol! Take a look at some of these looks for inspiration, and don’t forget…..TRY SOMETHING NEW WITHOUT LOSING WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU 🙂










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