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Dress Code: 21 Day Challenge

Hello everyone, I’ve missed you all!! I hope you are as excited about the spring/summer collections as I am…be on the look out for the next article as we will take a look at the must-haves for the season. While I was away I made a decision to reflect on some non-fashion issues regarding my body image and redefine my style. In the process I decided to perform an experiment to test just how confident I am in my inner beauty.

Objective: To go 21 days without wearing a padded bra (I’ll explain in a sec), and limit wearing makeup to Sundays & Valentine’s Day.

Ever since I can remember I’ve worn a padded bra. Over the years the amount of padding has increased thanks to bras that now take me from a humble A cup to a C cup (yes 2 whole sizes). By age 18 I came to the conclusion that my growth spurt was short lived. Insecurity slowly began to creep in and comparison to my peers (by myself and others) led to the search for the ultimate bras.  About three weeks ago I can across a website that revealed a poll showing how many men loathe the very bras I was searching for; apparently two false cup sizes was sheer plagiarism. What do they know right? We all need a lil confidence booster; for some its a weave, makeup, a bra, etc. Then I started to ask myself, have I become dependent on my padded bras to give me the confidence that should come naturally? Augmentation is always a permanent solution but I lack the finances.  What’s a girl to do?!

So I put myself to the test. Could I go three weeks and confidently wear my “regular” bras with the same amount of confidence?? Well, week one was definitely awkward. Every button down and v-neck seemed one size too big 🙁 However, I kept going. My skin broke out by the end of the week but I didn’t reach for the foundation, just concealer an lip gloss. By week two I was nervous about my Valentines date, but the look in Mr. Right’s eyes was not one of disappointment, only love. By the third week I was more comfortable in my own skin and I could get dressed without obsessing in the mirror.

Results: The reality is NO ONE CARES!! I was sure there would be a noticeable reaction from other people, but in all actuality how vain is that? If anything, I’ve gotten more unwanted attention than ever before, which I attribute to my new found greater confidence. I have managed to prove to myself that you can be an A cup and still be sexy. You can be WHO YOU ARE, exactly as God made you. So what’s next? Well, I will continue to carry out this experiment.  I’m not tossing any padded bras, but I know that I don’t NEED them. Now there’s only one question: What about You? What will you challenge yourself to go without for 21 days? Makeup? Coffee? Extensions? Designer labels? Lashes? Whatever you decide more power to you……I look forward to your emails 😉 XOXO, KIRA

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