The Call to Endurance

Life often can throw you some serious curves! Ever felt like an obsticle was too great to overcome? We were created with the tools to endure. The power lies within us to succeed against any and all odds…

Ever been placed in a situation where you couldn’t fail? Everything was riding on your success? Not to promise anything was not enough. However, great pressure came when you promised great things. You had to deliver. You take a step back and you realize that everyone is counting on you. They may not fully understand what you are doing, but they see your goal and admire your ambition. The simple things would make them happy. But you want more! Not that you’re being selfish, but you want more for them! You can’t fail! They’re lives are in your hands.

As men, we are sons, brothers, fathers and husbands. What seems to come with all of that is a great responsibility. Now more than ever, there is a lot of pressure to be a positive example, that is, a role model. However, we sometimes can feel inadequate. But seeing past our emotions, we realize that there is a need for us. There is a void in our society, and it needs to be filled with us!

So, what do you do? You press. Its hard, and no one ever said that it would be easy. But, if what you’re doing is right, and you work diligently towards it, you will be successful. Nothing can stop you. It will be hard. The ones that love you won’t always understand, be they will thank you and they will support you. Even when you feel that you have nowhere or no one else to turn, the call was given to you and that strength lies within. Face you fear, conquer it. Face God and embrace Him. He will lead you in the path that He has laid out for you. He is your strength and your guide.