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Suit Up: Finding the right swimsuit for YOUR body!

Hey you, yes you…the woman at the pool who refuses to lose that tunic, WHAT’S THE DEAL? Ladies the summer is halfway through, don’t let your insecurities about your figure keep you from the water. We all have an area (or two) on our bodies that we perceive to be a trouble spot, the key is to focus on what you like about your figure and highlight those assets. So no more shame, fear, and insecurity. You are beautiful and your body is awesome. You don’t believe me ? I’ll prove it..here are some of my swimsuit suggestions according to body type. FYI: The one piece is BACK with a vengeance ladies so take advantage and stock up! Xoxo…KIRA

Petite – This refers to ladies who are under 5’4″ since that is the national average height for a woman. I fall into this category myself, so to my fellow petites here’s what works best on us:

  • Bold Colors – Many times it’s easy for the outfit to overshadow the woman when you are petite, but bold color brings the focus back to you! Stay away from anything too reminiscent of childhood (like small floral patterns or head to toe mini polka dots) or you’ll risk looking awkward.
  • Delicate Suits – You are already on the shorter side and the overall label of petite suggests a small frame as well, why overwhelm your naturally delicate features with a bulky contraption? Try a bright one piece with pretty racer back (or a few well placed ruffles), or how about a low rise bikini with a halter top? Keep your straps thin and if you opt for a two piece go for a lower rise.

Plus Size – To all of my full figured beauties out there I must say I have a bone to pick with you. Who told you that you had to forgo a lovely swimsuit in exchange for swim shorts and a white t-shirt?? Nothing grinds my gears than seeing a sexy, curvy woman dressed like LeBron James at the pool! Here’s how we fix that:

  • Support – The most question to ask when shopping for a swimsuit is “Do I feel supported in this?” A suit with great support can be found in a one piece or two piece (yes I sad two piece, it’s not a dirty word). For example, a tankini (bikini in which the top resembles a tank top) in a leopard print with wide straps and built in shelf bra along with some comfy boy shorts looks AMAZING on a fuller figure. Trust me!
  • Details – Let’s say you’re shopping for a one piece, opt for ones with wider straps and rich jewel tone colors. Next look for subtle ways to add camouflage to those areas you’d like to divert attention away from, such as shirring on the sides of the suit to give the look of a slimmer mid section. Or even a suit with a skirted bottom.

Small Bust / Large Bust – If there was ever such a thing as a “crime of fashion”, it would be wearing the wrong top for your bust at the pool. Whether you are ample or you have a sample, you gotta know the rules. However, I will refrain from writing tickets and offer a solution instead:

  • Small – As a member of the small bust community I bring you a wealth of experience, so listen up! First off, ENOUGH with the bandeau tops already! Why continue highlighting the fact that you have to constantly pull it up? Personally I stay away from these UNLESS they come with a halter strap. Swimwear with a scalloped or “V” neckline is a small busts bff! The shape of the neckline adds dimension and creates depth. Second, select fun patterns up top. A small bust can rock polka dots, tie dye, and ruffled tops with no issues…GO FOR IT! Finally, if you’d like a little oomph, opt for tops with padding 🙂
  • Large – Let me say this loud and clear: IF YOU HAVE LARGE BREASTS STOP STUFFING THEM IN LITTLE TRIANGLE BIKINI TOPS! This should be posted at every beach in the U.S. To all of my voluptuous ladies, give the girls a break and support them! Halter tops with sturdier straps are a perfect solution. They not only provide full coverage but they bring the girls in and up all at the same time lol.  Also, try a sporty racer back one piece with  draping in the middle if you have slimmer hips. This will give your body proportion.

Bottom Heavy – Once upon a time a woman with “junk in the trunk” was frowned upon. That time is LONG GONE thanks to women like Beyonce, JLo, and the entire cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Here are my top picks for are you apple bottoms out there:

  • Full Coverage – Nothing looks more like junk spilling out of a trunk than a booty bursting out of a string bikini! There’s a thin line between Sports Illustrated and XXL ladies when it comes to tastefulness.  Now what you wear for your husband is one thing but don’t bring it to Ocean City lol. Full coverage bikini bottoms are best for this body type. You can also switch it up a bit by adding boy shorts to your rotation. They are both comfy and functional.

Tall – You may be thinking what’s with this category, can’t a tall woman get away with anything? Well, not exactly…some of the tall women I know are also on the thinner side with a boyish shape. In this case the key is to select suits that add femininity and curves where necessary.

  • Prints – A beautiful print can be very flattering on a taller woman and it can also add femininity to a boyish shape. For example, try adding Hawaiian floral pattern or a striped suit to your collection this month.
  • Retro– We have seen a resurgence in all things retro in this years swimwear. The high waisted bottoms of the 40’s and 50’s are back and who better to sport this look than a woman of stature? Your height allows you to pull off a higher waist without losing any of the length in your torso. Rather don a one piece instead? No problem! Try something different like this seasons one pieces with cut out details along the sides, they’ll compliment a long torso.

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