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The Royalty


When I came across this project I did not know what to expect. The album cover, a black background with only a lion’s face and the title of the project, was very intriguing. The Royalty by The Royal Royal was released on October 12, 2012. I had never heard of the band before so I decided to listen to what they had to say. As the first cut started I was immediately hooked and eager to hear the CD in its entirety.


“Love”, the opening track, houses a great punchy rhythm, mellow melodies, and excellent lyrics; it became an instant favorite. I probably played it at least ten times before proceeding to the next track. “Praise Him” followed the same feel, rhythmically and melodically but with lyrics that reminded listeners how and why we should praise Him. I sincerely appreciated the vibe of this project. “To You” was written to Jesus, words dripping in adoration, contemporary worship at its best. I loved the chant style hook. All the vocals on the project had 80s pop-rock appeal, that makes for classic sounding recordings. When I was halfway through the album I could not help but be very impressed with what I was hearing. As the project closed, I was truly glad I listened.


The Royalty is an epic recording, the subtleness of the melodies work tremendously well with the robust rhythms and easy to listen to vocals. Let us not forget the ministry in the music. This band loves to praise and worship Christ! I wondered why they decided to name the project “The Royalty” I assume it is in reference to Christ the King and how their hearts feel about Him. No matter why it is named. I definitely recommend purchasing this project.