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Dress Code: F/W ’12 Beauty & Accessories

Hello loves, we have already discussed the current fashion trends for this winter season, now we’re moving on to what’s hot in beauty and accessories! Winter months are an awesome time to experiment with makeup, nail polish, and fun accessories. This tends to be the season where most of us are wearing more denim, black, and knits…what better way to make these items shine than with a fresh face, funky shoes, and glam accessories?


  • Lips – You may have noticed that everywhere you look lips are the center of attention. Bold color can make even the thinnest lips standout. Best of all this season we are seeing the return of lipstick, which I prefer to gloss any day! This season Old Hollywood wins over last season’s top two: the pale lip and bubble gum pink. Cherry Red lipstick is reigns supreme followed by deeper shades such as oxblood, plum, and violet. Those of you who like to walk on the wild side may even dare to wear black (yes black) or indigo blue lipstick. Don’t be frightened by the thought….when done right it can look editorial not Halloween-ish.
  • Eyes – We’ve seen very bright shadows these past few seasons and right now we are moving back to an old favorite, metallic gold and bronze.  Few shades can go from day to  night, summer to fall, winter to spring, or from the office to church as well as metallic gold and bronze. These two shades are universal and look AMAZING on any complexion! The best thing about these shadows is that it’s easy for  you to control the intensity; a little shimmer during the day and more noticeable shine at night.
  • Cheeks –  Unlike the bright pink and orange shades trending this past spring and summer, the colder months give way to shades of plum. A light dusting of a plum shade of blush looks fabulous with a dark violet lipstick. Wearing this season’s go to colors, oxblood or cherry red? Then how about ditching your blush all together and opting for bronzer instead? Bronzer is the perfect way to pull the entire face together. Be sure to use the right shade….if it’s too dark for your complexion you may look orange!
  • Nails – This season we are seeing something unique when it comes to nail color. Usually we have one break out color, and while oxblood is STILL the trending color in everything from nail color to shoes — absolutely nothing is off limits! On second though, I take that back….nothing except neon nails. I have seen everything including: peach, mint green, gray, cherry red (classic), metallic gold, navy blue, emerald green, purple, and even yellow nails this season. Another thing to look for are ways to decorate your nails. Try a cheetah print, polka dots, stripes, or even color blocking (there’s that word again). The possibilities are literally endless, so take advantage of them!


  • Jewelry – If I can give you only one piece of advice for this seasons trends in jewelry it would be this — Invest in pieces that make a statement. By now we’ve all heard the term “statement necklace and many of us already have a few in our collection. Whether the backdrop is a plain white tee, a black turtleneck, or sheath dress adding a statement necklace can be the finishing touch. This season earrings are bigger than ever….literally. Chandeliers are back but this time they’re more opulent and gilded. One of my personal favorites, the broach has made a comeback as well. Try pinning one to your favorite blazer or on a scarf draped around your neck. Sparkle is here to stay, especially when its a flapper style long necklace or a series of bedazzled bangles. The cocktail ring remains popular this season, with geometric shapes being the new rave. *Tip: floral and animal inspired pieces are popping up everywhere. Jump on this trend without spending too much; try stores like H&M, Forever 21, or Asos.
  • Handbags – The satchel is still the everyday favorite for most women, and with good reason. Not only are they sophisticated and on trend, but most importantly they’re PRACTICAL. Avoid the urge to make your everyday bag black. Try a satchel in burgundy, hunter green, pewter, or red. If you really wanna stand out opt for ivory (aka winter white) and you’ll be sure to have a bag that goes with everything! For those of us who don’t need a roomy everyday purse the envelope clutch and the cross body bag are still great for day or night. Not too big, not too small these are the perfect alternative. One item that we all may want to add to our wardrobe this season is a glamorous clutch. This will come in handy at those impending holiday parties. Whether you choose metallic, bejeweled, snakeskin, or beaded make it a bold piece!
  • Shoes – With temperatures dropping and snow on the ground, this time of year boots get all the attention. However, don’t get stuck in a fashion rut by wearing the same black boots daily! Here are the essentials for this winter: flats with edge,  a classic flat rider boot, a pair of animal print pumps, a pair of girly ankle boots, and pair of over the knee boots. The flats this season are not your typical ballet types, they are outfitted with studs and spikes. These are a welcome change from the norm. Rider boots will forever be a winter staple, but this season opt for a neutral other than black such as gray, camel, or burgundy. In case you haven’t noticed animal print is the new black pump this season. Nothing takes winter fashion from functional to fierce better than an unexpected shoe. Ankle boots are glam this season with feminine touches like glitter or rhinestones. Try a black pair with a gold or silver capped toe if you’re not a fan of embellishments. Last but not least the classic, sexy over the knee boot is always a go to for date night. Wear them with a sweater dress, jeans and a turtleneck, or mod inspired leather sheath. Avoid looking like a showgirl by keeping the hemlines at reasonable lengths.


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