A Must Read for 2013: Stubborn Love

Stubborn Love, the new book from Cheryl Ott, is Look Up Radio’s inspirational read of the week.  This is a soul stirring tale of how God can take someone from a dark and utterly hopeless place to a place filled with hope, light and abundance.  A true written testament of God’s promise to rescue and never to abandon – Stubborn Love is sure to uplift and inspire to you trust God’s word.

Here’s an excerpt:

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention estimates that every minute someone attempts suicide–approximately one million people every year. It is a fact that every 15 minutes someone dies by suicide, over 34,000 Americans each year.

Most people either know of someone or personally have lost a loved one to suicide. When a loved dies by suicide a minimum of six other people have been catastrophically affected.

In 1999 the Surgeon General noted more teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from heart disease, cancer, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, flu, chronic lung disease and AIDS—COMBINED.

Sadly, these numbers include Christians who did not have the coping skills needed to navigate through a crisis, depression or a temporary hardship. Instead, untreated depression, despair and hopelessness led to an acute depressive episode and they died by their own hand.

Tragically, suicide remains a topic largely ignored in the body of Christ, even though depression, despair and hopelessness are common responses to hardships, afflictions and crises for believers as well as non-believers. Stubborn Love is a riveting story about a young Christian college student, in her twenties, and her fight to stay alive when giving up seemed so much easier. This is a true-story of her desperate struggle with acute depression, suicidal ideation and her suicide attempt.

This story is also about a dramatic rescue by Love. How He won the affection of her heart and rescued her from the black hole of suicidal despair. How He gave her hope and a future she never dreamed possible. I’m Cheryl and this is my story.

© 2011 Cheryl Ott

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This is an excerpt taken from the Preface of my new book Stubborn Love: A Re-commitment To Live When Giving Up Seemed So Much Easier. No portion of this article may be altered, copied, duplicated or reprinted without written permission from the owner.

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