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Dress Code: S/S ’13 NEON

Hello Loves!! Oh how I’ve missed you and boy do we have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get down to business. Warmer weather is finally here and with only a few weeks til the official start of summer we are in full swing of this fashion season. For the next five weeks I’ll be spotlighting the top trends of the season; follow along  and decide which trends are right for you. First up on our list, Neon!

I know what you’re thinking: Wasn’t this trending last spring? Well in my opinion we were focused on brights, but the colors were limited to the basics like turquoise, fuschia, and yellow. This year the palate is bolder than ever and truly neon. Think Ke$ha &  Betsy Johnson. It’s time to stand out and make your fashion as bright as your personality! Here are a few tips for achieving the look:

  • Decide what fits your style – Are you adventurous? Reserved? Do you work in retail? Hair & Beauty? Or maybe in an office? When and where you decide to wear this trend is up to you but it should be appropriate for your personal sense of style and the venue. Try mixing neon pieces with neutral staples at the office. A sulfur colored silk blouse over a neutral pencil skirt is still on trend but business appropriate. For a more casual look try a neon orange skinny jean with a hot pink blazer and nude shoe is perfect for date night, or try a loud bodycon dress for girls night out.
  • Accessorize – Still a little unsure? Accessories are the easiest way to incorporate ANY trend into your wardrobe. It’s not only easy, but cost effective as well! Add a neon clutch to your LWD (little white dress), or try a neon pump with that black and white outfit. White top, neutral pants…why not add a neon statement necklace or skinny belt? Let’s not forget about makeup as well…nothing is easier than a neon pink manicure or a Lady Danger (MAC) lip. The possibilities are endless, get creative!
  • Less is more – Word to the wise: DO NOT TURN INTO A CLOWN! Everything in moderation….trust me on this one, when it comes to neon, there’s a fine line between “on trend” and bizarre. Too many colors all at once can be distracting. Head to toe neon looks best only when its balanced by neutrals. Be chic not clueless!

Now it’s time to explore the trend for yourself. Find what works for you and feel free to comment.  —    Xoxo, K DC


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