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We need Your Help – Become A Sponsor!

Who’s Look Up Radio?

Look Up Radio is an online radio station that plays a 24-hour stream of all types of Christian Music.

Our overall mission is to unite listeners of all nationalities, races, ethnicity, and denominations to join in the diverse listening experience we provide. Through the Christian music we play, we seek to bridge any cultural gaps therein. We play everything under the Son. Check us out at
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Why we need your help

We have equipment that needs to run 24/7 to support our stream and we are in need of computer upgrades, furniture, etc.

How can you help?
We would gladly appreciate your help to further our mission to spread the love of Christ through music to all types of people all over the world.  Please click here to become a sponsor through our GoFundMe page. Thank you!

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Our Mission at a Glance

To bridge the cultural gap within

Christian Music

by uniting listeners all over the world to join in the diverse listening experience we provide.

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