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Dress Code: S/S ’13 Welcome To The 90’s

“Microphone check one two, one two…it’s ya girl Ms. Keys here to dress you”… LOL! Hello loves, this week we are focused on the third trend for Spring/Summer 2013: 1990’s Fashion. That’s right, beleive it or not fashion has once again looked to the past for inspiration and this time the decade that brought you grunge, baby tee’s, Timberland boots, and snapbacks is center focus. Let’s take a look at the key pieces in stores now to help you sport the trend without looking outdated!

  • Denim – If you recall the 90’s were all about denim! Thanks to the popular hip hop culture of the times, denim went from the weekends to the weekday and at times, even the red carpet. To ace this look focus on a few core basics: a denim jacket/vest, high waisted jeans, classic denim shorts, and a pair of “boyfriend” jeans. These key items are sure to carry you through this trend with little effort. Pair a lumberjack shirt with your vest (tie a knot in front for added nastalgia) and throw on a pair of Raybans for the perfect weekend look. The relaxed fit of “boyfriend” jeans pair perfectly with heels and a blazer for the “Cindy Crawford” look.
  • Cool Kicks – Nothing says 90’s like a pair of throwback boots or sneakers. Dust off those Barclay’s or Hurache’s in the back of your closet and pull out some fresh “Butta’s” a.k.a. Timberland boots. Got rid of all your retro sneaks? Ladies grab a pair of Reebok Classics or high top Keds, fellas pull out a pair of Saucony’s for good measure. Whatever you choose have fun!
  • Graphic Tee’s – Who can forget those graphic tee’s  we just had to have? From Hello Kitty, Fraggle Rock, WWJD, Joe Boxer, to vintage band tee’s (think ACDC or Pink Floyd) take your pick and make a statement. Don’t see anything you like in stores? Create your own stylish original at your local screen print shop! It’s inexpensive and it’s the best way to ensure no one else has your tee!
  • Accessories – Don’t toss that Chicago Bulls snapback just yet, this season fitted hats are getting “mad play”. Got a Stussy trucker hat from your Ashton Kutcher phase? Or a derby hat a-la Cher from Clueless? Pull em’ out this summer and be sure to pair them with your favorite Dwane Wayne or Versace inspired shades. Ladies clean those figure-8’s and those bamboo earrings. Fellas don’t pawn your G-shock and your gold chain just yet. Get one more wear out of those pieces now while you can!

Hope these suggestions help point you in the right direction. Besides box braids, crayola hair streaks, Gumby fades, and 3 cuts in our eyebrows (lol) the 90’s were all about fun. So enjoy these throwbacks (in moderation of course). As always remember to pair them with current pieces to avoid looking like you’re stuck in a time warp. Til next time happy shopping, XO – K DC

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