Social Media Job Description

The candidate is responsible for creating even activity and engaging content between Facebook and Twitter accounts of Look Up Radio.

About Look Up Radio
Look Up Radio is an online radio station that plays a 24 hour stream all types of Christian Music. Our overall mission is to unite listeners of all nationalities, races, ethnicities, and denominations to join in the diverse listening experience we provide to bridge any cultural gaps within Christian Music. We believe that as we serve one God, there is a beauty in sharing how He speaks to us in different ways to communicate a consistent message of His love and character.

We also have a broadcast schedule of radio shows that are mostly topical in nature.

How people can tune in

  • By going to www.lookupradio.com and clicking the “LISTEN NOW!” button in the main navigation menu.
  • By downloading either the Android or iPhone/iPad Look Up Radio app.

Most of the items to share and post will already be created for you to simply share. You do not have any responsibility to design any material or to create new campaigns. You duties would be:

  • To use company Facebook page, through HootSuite to update textual statuses, share current and future photos and posts, and to interact with fans who post to the fan page.
  • To use company Twitter page through HootSuite to tweet out announcements, news, etc.
  • To schedule reoccurring Twitter and Facebook posts according to the radio programming schedule that announces them about 30 minutes before they occur.
  • To direct social followers/fans to any links within the Look Up Radio website that may meet their need(s). (Ex. Submissions, Support, Advertising)
  • To provide a small level of support for people who have questions about how to tune in.


  • Expert knowledge of Facebook and Twitter Social (NOT to include any developer/API knowledge)
  • MUST show attention to detail with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. We do not in any way want to appear amateur, spammy, or anything else associated with sloppy writing.

More info

  • Look Up Radio’s slogan is “We Play Everything Under the Son!”™

Our Mission at a Glance

To bridge the cultural gap within

Christian Music

by uniting listeners all over the world to join in the diverse listening experience we provide.
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