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Campus Wide Worship at Drexel University

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Campus Wide Worship at Drexel University. An event meant to bring people from every denomination together in worship. The event was put on by a collaborative effort from student organizations like Harvest Christian Fellowship, Disciples InDeed, Drexel Students for Christ, and Drexel Cru. Also in attendance were about twelve different churches.

After opening prayer, DSC and Cru Worship team members Jeremy Sander and Jesse Bonner set off the evening of worship. Followed by a personal testimony from Brian Fisher, A Drexel University Student. Then the university’s own choir, Drexel University Gospel Choir, comprised of about 45 members of different ethnicities and backgrounds lead us in song. There was a fresh-spirited atmosphere about their ministry.

As I looked around the room and took in my surroundings. It was amazing to see over a hundred young adults standing together in worship. As we sang and clapped, I felt the presence of God enter in the sweet and joyful, yet powerful, way that only He can.

The message of the Gospel was shared by Mike Irizarry, who reminded us that there is only one way to God, our Father and that is through Jesus Christ. Later, Jinha Lee and Joycelin Wong of Harvest Worship Team took us further into His presence with an acoustic set.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Austin Greenhow, of Drexel Students for Christ, who planned the event. He expressed his excitement that the event was again being held at Drexel after a short hiatus. Austin even announced plans for a CWW event in Fall 2013. I enjoyed my evening on campus and encourage you to be there for the next Campus Wide Worship Event.


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