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Dress Code: Mane Attraction

Hello loves, oh how I’ve missed you! I hope you all are enjoying your summer as we have about three weeks until the unofficial end of the season, although autumn doesn’t begin until late September. We’ve covered a variety of trends thus far but this week we’ll turn our attention to this season’s center of attention…. our hair. Celebrity hair styles have always been a topic of discussion as many look to them for current trends and inspiration. (Miley Cyrus anyone?) We’ve seen some hits and misses thus far, let’s take a look at the top picks!

  • Bold Color – Remember the psychadellic colors of the 60’s synthetic wigs? Or the candy colored styles of Lil Kim in the 90’s (don’t pretend you’ve never heard of her)? As expected history has repeated itself and celebs like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry have made these looks popular again. What’s changed? Well for one thing this year’s ombre trend has made even the boldest of colors seem less extreme since ones natural hair color bleeds into the louder color. Not afraid of bold color? Try variations of your chosen shade by gradually lightening/darkening your color in a spectrum. Top picks: Purple/Violet, Fuschia/Pink, Green.
  •   Pixie Cut – One by one women everywhere are making a “big chop” (natural sista’s you know what I mean). Long flowing layers are being dumped for short sassy cuts. As someone who’s done a big chop twice myself I can definitely testify to how liberating it was! Whether your hair is natural, permed, or dyed, and no matter what your nationality a shorter style may be just the thing you need to add some kick to your look.
  • Braids & Twists – I have to say I never thought I’d see the day when box braids (Poetic Justice, Poetic Justice lol), individuals, and those large Patra twists would make a come back! From Angela Simmons to Solange Knowles women are rocking fierce protective styles. Too busy to sit for individuals? Try a variation of the classic french braid by going from ear to ear, or wear a etherial fishtail braid for something unique. The awesome thing about these styles is that easily create beautiful updos! Whether it’s for a wedding, black tie affair, or just to beat the heat these braided/twisted updos will be sure to turn heads.

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