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Look Up Radio |  #1 Christian Contemporary and Gospel Radio Station | Look Up Radio Welcomes Bishop Gilbert Coleman!

Look Up Radio Welcomes Bishop Gilbert Coleman!

Coming very soon to Saturdays at 11am on Look Up Radio’s Word Weekends, we have Philadelphia’s own Bishop Gilbert Coleman with “Transforming the Minds of Men.”

Every movement needs a leader, and God ordained it to be that men should lead His movement. Unfortunately, for years upon years men have struggled just to know their own identity, thereby leaving their women and children vulnerable and defenseless. Women have had to step to the forefront to fill the void, yet God has said that He has been searching for a “man” to make up the hedge and stand in the gap. The quality of life for all mankind will not change until men make up their minds to become divinely connected to their eternal destiny and to provide the spiritual leadership that Almighty God intended from the beginning of time. This is a situation which knows no race, creed, or color.

Transforming the Minds of Men is committed to the development of every facet of a man’s life regardless of his background, race or economic status. Our prime interest and concern is to see a man become what he was created to be and embrace His divinely-ordained destiny. In this hour, Transforming the Minds of Men is taking the lead in producing the “Jesus Generation”– men of God that are filled with God’s Holy Spirit, His precious Word, and a desire to serve their families.

In order for true change to come to the earth, there must be renewing in the spirit of our minds. Change the mind, you change the attitude; change the attitude, you change the behavior; change the behavior, you change the life, change the life, you change the world. Women have had enough of having to carry the brunt of the load, and they are ready for a change.

Beginning Saturday, September 7 at 11am, Bishop Gilbert Coleman issues the weekly challenge to men everywhere to join together in spreading this message–encouraging men to come out of their comfort zones and be both accountable and responsible. MEN OF GOD, LET’S MARCH FORWARD!!!!

To learn more about Bishop Gilbert Coleman or Transforming the Minds of Men Ministries, please visit their website at

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