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Dress Code F/W ’13: The Statement Coat

                  Hello Loves, I’m back for another look at this season’s top trends. As we get closer to November and the days when we reach 70 degree highs disappear there is one article of clothing that you absolutely MUST be focused on … your fall/winter coat. Keep in mind that this season it appears your coat is the center of attention, so by all means make a statement!  I feel this is a good time to make a confession. I am OBSESSED with coats. My close friends have already had an “intervention” of sorts. Now that you all know the truth, understand that I thoroughly enjoyed typing this article! Let’s take a look at which coats to look for right this minute.

  • Parka – I must say that this style of coat is probably the one which recieves the least amount of appreciation, yet is the most versatile of them all. Tried and true, this style can weather the storm….literally. The warm lining, fur trimmed hood, and weather proof material are all things we know and love about parkas. This season make sure yours is cinched at the waist. Don’t be afraid to swap out the belt that came w/ your jacket for a more durable leather one!
  • Fur – This has to be my personal favorite of all the styles. Nothing says old hollywood glamour like a fur coat. Wether you chose to go faux or prefer the real thing, do yourself a favor and get at least one fur coat this season. The perfect statement when your dressed to impress, however I personally love wearing one when it’s least expected. For example a night out with the girls paired with jeans, date night to my favorite restaurant, or a short waist length version to work in the winter. What’s the point of buying one if you only pull it out on Sunday’s and special occassions?
  • Oversize Wool – Scandal fans recently went wild over Olivia Pope’s DKNY oversize wool lavender coat, and with good reason! This is the quintessential statement coat of this fall season. Very popular from the 1930’s thru 60’s,DC take a cue from Jackie O and look for a coat that is roomy enough for your favorite knits, yet still makes you feel feminine. Soft pastel blues and pinks, muted grays and neutrals are the most abundant in stores. However, be on the look out for a bold color such as mustard yellow or burgandy!
  • Plaid – Earlier this season we discussed the return of plaid to the runways in our “School Days” areticle. Well, plaid is still front and center, whether it’s a lumberjack shirt or a kilted skirt. This time we focus on the plaid coat. Relive your prep school days and sport a plaid toggle jacket or look for a knee length version to wear to the office. If you score an oversize wool version you’ve nailed two trends at once!

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