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Don’t Be Defeated, It’s God’s Plan

One of the things in life that keeps us from our destiny is feeling defeated when there becomes a stumbling block thrown in our way on the path to God’s plan. When this happens we want to second guess what God had place on our hearts. Today God is saying, “dust those doubts off and keep going.”

We sometimes tell ourselves when someone tells unfavorable news, “maybe this wasn’t God’s plan.” There becomes a stoppage on the journey, as we desire not to move forward, questioning if we have really heard God.

The heroes of faith (Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Paul, to name a few) listed, are examples of being told a direction by God, but when things became tough, or push backs came on the journey they never wavered. They continued and kept a unwavering faith, always praising God, and being fully convinced what He promised, He is able to perform.

So it’s your turn today. Feeling defeated? Want to give up? Questioning if you really heard from God? We’ll remember that you serve a faithful God. When we lose faith, He is still there. Never wavering but always looking out for your best interest.

Stay committed. Stay focused. Fight those doubts and continue to listen to God and you will find yourself to the place where He wanted you all along.

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