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Jesus -“Just Reach Out Your Hand”

Through the storms of our lives and the many circumstances we go through, their is an advocate in Jesus Christ that tells us we are not alone. Jesus’ declaration today is “if you extend your hand my way, I will take it and guide your feet and lead you home.”

We are never alone.

God has extended His hand with His Son Jesus Christ, who not only died for your sins, but promised to stick around and look after you through every circumstance we face on a daily basis.

If we go back in the book of Mark, it mentions a certain lady who was bleeding for 12 years. Her plan wasn’t to stop Jesus and ask for prayer. But she understood how faith worked. She thought, if I can extend my hand out, I know Jesus will heal me.

“If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed” (Mark 5:28). That’s what she told herself, this nameless, bleeding woman who’d traveled 30 miles, fueled by nothing but faith.

Just an extension of our hands in faith and we are guaranteed we will be comforted, guided and restored by our Savior.

Facing some unbearable circumstances today?

It’s that time my friend, reach out, touch Jesus and let Him lead you home.

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