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Look Up Radio |  #1 Christian Contemporary and Gospel Radio Station | VIDEO: Good Samaritan Uses The Name of Jesus to Protect Woman and Child

VIDEO: Good Samaritan Uses The Name of Jesus to Protect Woman and Child

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Philadelphia, PA- FOX 29 has obtained SEPTA surveillance video showing another Good Samaritan stopping Mason as he harassed a young woman and her infant onboard a SEPTA train just moments before police say Mason attacked Officer Jones.

“She moves from her seat and he follows her, he then swats at the baby,” Chief Nestel explained. “It looks as if he’s trying to get control of that child.”

Nestel says the woman came to the young mother’s rescue. Warding off Mason and escorting her away from the imposing suspect at least twice. Then, she physically blocked him from approaching the young mom and her baby.

“She gets between this guy and that young mother and prevents him getting close to the mother and the child. It is phenomenal to watch,” Nestel added.

At one point the chief says Mason reached and grabbed for the child, but the woman and the mother managed to get away and get off the train. Chief Nestel says this Good Samaritan deserves praise for her brave actions.

Tameka Bates is the woman seen in the surveillance video on the SEPTA train boldly standing between a woman holding her week old baby girl and a man allegedly harassing her.

“I said Satan, the Lord God, rebuke you in the name of Jesus you will not touch this woman,”

she said

Tameka says she and the woman both got on at Erie Avenue. She noticed the suspect following the woman as she sat down then got up and moved.

When the train stopped at Susquehanna & Dolphin, Tameka, who is a minister at Resurrection Evangelistic Church, said the woman broke down crying as she escorted her off the train. Mason stayed behind.

“She should be playing for Villanova or St Joe’s during the tournament because she boxed this guy out better than any forward I’ve seen on any team,” Nestel said. “This was just phenomenal, phenomenal behavior on the part of somebody who doesn’t even know another person getting in and making sure they were safe.”

Mason has been charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and disarming a police officer. He is still behind bars. Police believe he was high on some type of drugs at the time of the attack.

Chief Nestel says he will use this video of Officer Jones’ brave fight as a training tool to teach young officers how to handle such a volatile situation.

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