Reconciliation Replay (March 20, 2014)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

FIND SHALOM in the midst of the often-terrifying black experience: “Speaking Fear, Finding Shalom” by Osheta Moore

“Baby, we’re black. It’s not safe for us. They’ll shoot first without asking questions, and your stealing only gives them permission not to trust us. It makes murdering us okay. Look at Trayvon Martin. They’re afraid of us. Don’t you see?…Read more.”

EXAMINE your social location: “From the Penthouse of Privilege” by Ryan Herring

“Too often are poor and oppressed people (especially people of color) regarded as threats here in America, while poor and oppressed people in other countries are viewed as victims. This type of perspective is dehumanizing to people here and to people abroad. To overlook the problems here and to focus on issues elsewhere sends the message that poor and oppressed American’s problems are either insignificant, unimportant, or non urgent and at the same time it leads to the objectification of the ‘exotic other’…Read more

UNDERSTAND psychological homelessness in higher ed institutions: “Video Shines Light on ‘Disturbing Emotional Toll’ of Being Black at UCLA Law School” by Rhonesha Byng

“‘I am so tired of being on this campus everyday and having to plead my humanity, essentially, to other students. I feel like an outsider constantly. I don’t feel like at my own school I can solely focus on being a student,’ one woman explained.

‘It feels isolating. It feels horrible. It feels like there is a lot of pressure, a lot of weight. It feels like I don’t belong. It feels unwelcoming and hostile,’ another woman shared...Read more

INTEGRATE science, faith and justice: “Science Matters: 20 Ways to Pursue Justice through Science” by Marty Troyer

“Check out how science connects to 4 areas God wants us to experience peace.

  • Self: human health & quality of life. Personal influence and economic advance in the science industry. Living lives of integrity where faith and reason coexist side by side.
  • God: humility that we’re not the center of the cosmos, understanding God as having created through evolution, curiosity that creation “proclaims God’s handiwork (Ps 19:1).”
  • Others: Access, acceptance, equality, human rights, freedom of (non)religion, peace.
  • Creation: Creation care, sustainable green design, public transportation.

The prophet Isaiah suggested long ago there can be no peace without justice (Isaiah 32:17). In today’s age, we might be prone to ask, ‘Can there be justice today without science?’…Read more

BUILD a strong foundation for multicultural work: “Building Blocks for Multicultural Coalitions” by Karen DeYoung

Build a power analysis – Share your research and analyses of power and racial and economic inequities with community members to avoid future cultural conflicts.
Make the rules fair and clear – Make your coalition’s structure, rules, and norms clear to everyone involved.
Expect value conflicts – Expect conflicts around deep-seated cultural values and plan for such conflicts….Read more

CONSIDER the feminine God of the Bible: “God’s Feminine Side is Plain to See” by Debbie Blue

“In Isaiah, God says ‘like a woman in labor I will moan; I will pant, I will gasp.’ God is in the process of giving birth to her people here, and it is not an easy delivery. The birth image continues in the gospel of John. Jesus tells Nicodemus that if he wants to see God’s kingdom, he must be born anew…Read more

LISTEN to various voices on women and religious leadership: “Women in Religious Leadership [collection of diverse essays]”

“Despite decades of positive change toward gender equality in American society, women remain under-represented in leadership positions in most major faith groups. What theological and social factors lie behind this resistance to change? How can more women gain access to leadership positions? What impact have women had in faith traditions with greater levels of equality? What might change if women had greater responsibility in religious organizations?...Read more

USE Augustine to TEACH about violence against women: “Teaching Note: On Confronting Violence Against Women in the Christian Tradition” by E. Lawrence

“Something I’ve noticed while teaching a few undergraduate classes is just the deeply embedded nature of certain sexist, classist, and racist ways of thinking. Many students are very intelligent, and many more are open to growing intellectually and to changing, but it is also the case that the majority of them have not yet had time to take a step back from and critically interrogate the problematic thought patterns into which they have been socialized for about two decades. And, in a theology class at a Christian university, the instructor is, in one way or another, going to have to confront and even try to dismantle that to some extent…Read more





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