Reconciliation Replay (March 27, 2014)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

STAY INFORMED about current inequities: “American Schools are STILL Racist, Government Report Finds” by Joy Resmovits

“Minority students have less access to experienced teachers. Most minority students and English language learners are stuck in schools with the most new teachers. Seven percent of black students attend schools where as many as 20 percent of teachers fail to meet license and certification requirements. And one in four school districts pay teachers in less-diverse high schools $5,000 more than teachers in schools with higher black and Latino student enrollment…Read more

RE-EXAMINE the Samaritan woman: “At the Well” by Caryn Reeder

“The Samaritan woman is one of my favorite characters in the Gospel of John. She’s theologically astute, politically aware, clearly respected in her community, and feisty. Traditional Christian interpretation, however, has turned her into a lazy, slutty sinner, an outcast in her community…Read more

DE-CENTRALIZE whiteness: “White Privilege Weariness” by Austin Brown

“I often lead with conversations on white privilege because I work with predominately white institutions. It kinda feels obvious. However, I am beginning to believe that this reality makes it even more important that I not center whiteness. It’s possible that my little training or class will be the only space when people of color are at the center simply because their stories are important- not so that white people can have an “aha” moment- but because people of color need to speak their truth….Read more

BE ECUMENICAL: “Ecumenism, A Personal History [Part Two]” by Amy Peterson

“What if we were known for our counter-cultural willingness to partner with those unlike us? What if we poured our energies into something other than bitter doctrinal debate, scorn, and outrage? I’m not suggesting we give up theological study and discussion, or that we act as if truth is somehow subordinate to relationship. But could we change our tone?  Our posture?  Could we slow down with the outrage?  Could we do these things in the context of personal relationships rather than on platforms aiming at strangers?..Read more
LEARN from the Other: “To Hell With Those People” by Marty Troyer

“God in John 4 is a God who is:

  • Crossing borders and destroying the lie that there is such a thing as “those people. God refuses to otherize, racialize, marginalize or militarize a relationship  with potential tension because we are all One.
  • Building community through mutual dialogue and respect
  • Learning from and empowering women and all minority voices (for me, this would include the GLBT community, immigrants, Houston’s black community, youth, women)
  • Restoring not just individuals but entire communities and social systems to shalom wholeness…Read more

BE COLOR BRAVE: “Be Color Brave, not Color Blind: Mellody Hobson at TED2014” by Ben Lillie

“‘Race in America makes people completely uncomfortable,’ says Hobson. ‘Bringing it up is like the conversational equivalent of touching the third rail.’ Friends had even warned her about talking about the topic here at TED, that it would make her a ‘militant black woman’ and hurt her career. But she realized, ‘The first step of solving any problem is not to hide from it. The first step to any form of action is awareness.’…Read more

CONSIDER this take on the origins of race: “Where did race come from?” by Starlette McNeil

“The father of race is not God but Johann Blumenbach, who created a race- based classification of human beings.  Race was and is not a part of the plan of God but in this video, you can see how the idea came into being, how scientists and politicians encouraged its life and maturity in the United States for economic and political reasons.  Race was “discovered” not because it was true but because it was profitable…Read more


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