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Dress Code: Pastels

Hello loves, sorry for the slight delay with this last article in our S/S 2014 trend series, but I was interrupted by my college graduation!! (Go Owls) Without any further ado, let’s discuss my final pick of this season’s top five trends, Pastels! Without question this is the most popular trend of every designer for this season. Now before you get squirmish about “Easter colors” and have childhood flashbacks let me assure you, as long as your pieces are true to your personal taste, you can’t go wrong with this trend. We’ve welcomed this traditional fashionista’s “old favorite” by adding texture and shape.

An example of this would be Zara’s powder blue moto jacket (later available in baby pink) which debuted at the start of the season. This edgy jacket is instantly softened by the pastel color and serves as a great finisher to nearly any outfit. Try adding a few key pastel pieces to your wardrobe such as a lace skirt, a structured crop top, and a midi dress. These are great day to evening options for ladies who work in an office setting. Still on the fence? Try using just a touch of pastel color by purchasing a few great accessories. A great pair of pumps, a clutch or handbag, or even a few silk scarves are easy add ons to your current collection. DC

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