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The Righteous Will Never Be Forsaken

As I awoke this morning, pondering thoughts for the day and wondering what lies ahead, I am quickly reminded what David wrote, “he has never seen the righteous forsaken,” how encouraging is that to start your day?

We can quickly wake up with spirit of fears, concerns and begin our day with frustration and misery, wondering if God has turn His back on us…even for a moment.

Moments of despair, depression, and feeling of being worthless can creep up and attack you, and those same spirits will ask you sometimes, “where is your God now?”

But,as God reminded David in his time of need, that the righteous will never be forsaken or forgotten. We will get tested on a regular basis and sometimes it might feel like we are being punished, but it’s for a greater purpose. A godly purpose.

It’s time to grab a hold of what David proclaimed boldly to us all. Jesus has already stand in the gap and took the punnishment necessary for us to walk in victory.

It’s not easy to excercise that claim, “we are victorious.” But understanding that the Lord only has great and wonderful thoughts about us, only makes us more powerful as we step outside our doors this morning.

Shout, “I am victorious,” and claim what’s yours!

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