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Your Steps Are Ordered

Did you know that faith requires action? After 40 years, the children of Israel had been led out of the wilderness and then found themselves on the banks of a swollen Jordan River.

The Promised Land was just on the other side. Oh, so close, yet so far away!

A huge obstacle separated them from the blessing God had promised. Standing on the bank of the raging river, wringing their hands and praying would not solve their problem.

They had to act. But it wasn’t really the river that was stopping them from crossing – it was their lack of FAITH!

It was not until, in faith, they stepped into the turbulent waters that the river stood on end and the people walked into the Promised Land on dry land.

So it is with our lives.

Obstacles separate us from God’s richest blessings. To simply have faith that God will provide a way doesn’t always make a way.

To stand by until God makes a way obvious may cause us to delay His blessing. It takes both faith and action to experience God’s best.

In other words, go for it as God leads!

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