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All Things Work Together For The Good

Ever so often I’m asked the question, “why does bad things happen to good people?” I always ask the questions, “by who standards are we good and why do you think they are bad things?”

When Paul wrote this verse he was speaking from his experience (All things work together for the good, to those who loved God, to those who are called, according to His purpose.) and showed through his life events that there was a greater purpose behind his afflictions that he could not fathom or realize while dealing with these hardships.

When I’m faced with that question and then turn around with those follow up questions above, it’s to remind us that we all fall short of being righteous everyday and the wages of sin his death. So really we deserve death not good.

But through the blood of Jesus Christ redemption on the cross we are promised with every hard trial and circumstances, God will grab a hold of it and use it for our good and for His purpose.

The saying is, “the bigger the trial, the bigger the reward.” So if we believe on Jesus and declare to our circumstances that this is going to turn around for the good, we can begin to see the victory come forth and the despair brought low.

Many rather stay down with their problems. Blaming and complaining when they should be declaring the promise God had given us through His Son Jesus Christ.

Beloved, take charge of your promises and don’t let your circumstances take charge of you.

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