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Cast Your Care Upon Him

One of the biggest things we run from when going through a tough circumstances is not casting all our cares on the shoulders of Jesus Christ. What do we do instead? __________. I let you fill in the blank.

As children of God we are faced with circumstances that can get out of our control on a daily basis. To go further there are times when we just face battles one after another. The days becomes journey, then turns into turmoil and leads to depression.

One of the greatest promises that we have in Christ is the ability to give our problems, battles and troubles to Him. The scripture says it’s because He cares for us. That simple, He does not require anything else.

If Jesus cared enough to take the cross for our sins, why would He have a problem with dealing with our problems?

Beloved it’s time to give it to Jesus. No more complaining or dwelling in self pity, but give them to Jesus in faith that all will be taken care of.

It’s not always easy day after day seeing the same results in the natural. But if we continue to believe and cast our cares to Jesus, those outcomes in the supernatural overrides what’s in front of you right now.

Say good bye to complaining and cast your cares upon Jesus.

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