Give the Gift of Your Attention

"Do not
be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others."
(Philippians 2:4 NCV)

live in an ADD world. It seems like everybody's got Attention Deficit Disorder
because our tools and technology have left us perpetually distracted, and we no
longer pay attention to the people around us.

you walk into a meeting, how many people are sitting there looking at their
phone and texting? Our heads are always down, engrossed in a video or word
game, and our earbuds keep us from hearing the people around us. How many times
have you been in a restaurant with friends, but you're more concerned about
your "friends" on Facebook or Twitter?

you want to have happier relationships, you need to learn the lost art of
paying attention.

Bible says in Philippians 2:4, "Do not be
interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others"

doesn't come naturally, does it? By nature, I may not care what you're
interested in. By nature, I may want the attention on me, not you.

the greatest gift you can give somebody is your attention because your attention is your time, and your
time is your life. You're never going to get it back, and that's why it is so
precious when you give it.

is a simple but powerful tool in growing strong relationships. Are you
interested in what your kids are interested in? Do you listen to what your
partner has to say? Do you give your coworkers your attention when they speak
to you? Do you notice your neighbor as you walk by him in the morning?

the lost art of paying attention is an act of love. It t will transform your
relationships and help you live a happy life.

Talk It Over

  • How has social media kept you
    from developing relationships with the people you live and work with?
  • What are some ways you can turn
    your attention to the people around you today?
  • How do you show others that you
    are truly paying attention to what they are saying or doing?
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