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God = No Worries, No Fears

Let’s picture this for a second. Imagine holding a glass of water for a long period of time. What starts to happen is, as we begin to hold that glass it is at it’s highest point. As time evolves our arm gets tired by the weight of that glass with water and it’s starts to slowly come down.

Beloved, just as how the water weighs down our arms as time goes, the same is said about our worries and fears.

If you think on or allow a glass full of worries and fears to be placed in our thoughts and everyday life it starts to weigh us down.

The only way to make sure we placed the right things in that glass is to allow God’s promises to control our thoughts and trust that what He has for us will come to pass.

It’s not a matter if God will deliver, but He promised to give us exceedingly, abundantly more than we ask or think.

Just believe on a glass full of promises today.

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