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Love Of God Breaks Down Fear

I recently spoke with a friend who felt in his heart that a move to another state was the right thing for his future. I lend an ear to this news in amazement, but as he talked, he was quickly met with fears of this move.

This feeling by my friend made me think on how fear works on each one of us daily.

Have you ever felt strong and positive about something and then quickly a fear came into play to deter you from acting on the original feeling?

Beloved, the word of a God reminds us through examples in the Old Testament and clear instructions in the New Testament that fear will always follow every positive things God places in your heart.

It’s a matter of standing firm and understand that the things we fear never come to pass.

Let me repeat that.

The things we fear never comes to pass anyway.

When we put our trust in God, He will eliminate those fears and place the fruits of the spirit to help lead and guide on the journey that was set out for you.

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