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Mercies Renew Daily

I asked a friend awhile back what does he focus on when he gets up in the morning and start his day? Well his answers are probably identical to what we experience on a daily basis as well.

Whatever hurt experienced, hurtful relationships, or bad breaks in life is what my friend and most of us focus on rather the new goodness and mercies the Lord as given us.

We go through life traveling with two suitcases. One with all the suffering, hurt, bad relationships, financial woes and the other with a bright future ahead located in it.

The one you focus on and carry the most will determine what direction your future goes.

Most of us, focus on the baggage with the negative and sometimes stop and take out a few items out of it just to make sure they are still relevant.

When we choose to walk in God’s grace, mercy and favor, we can’t help but to put down the luggage with the negative and carry the one God intended all along to bring about a prosperous future filled with good success.

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