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What Are Your Visions?

Every once in awhile I come across someone who will tell me about their failures in life. They will say, “I’m never going to be anything in life,” or “I will always be a failure.”

Beloved, that can not be so as a child of the Most High God who gives us favor on a daily basis.

The things we vision and see of ourselves starts to take form once we agree with what our eyes see.

Then right after, those same visions become manifest in your heart and now you are in agreement.

When we get to that point, our mouth begins to speak those things on a regular basis.
Then we become what we speak.

It’s time to create visions of hope, success and accelerate your future to another level. Because you are a child of God, nothing is impossible and a successful future is right at the tip of your tongue.

Choose today to align your thoughts with a clear positive vision The Lord has for you.

Claim your promises and allow victory to elevate in your hearts.

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