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A Free Gift, No Cost

I want you to examine your life as we begin a new work week. Are there things in your life that you are complaining about, that if you examine clearly does not seem all that important?

Just imagine if God took that same approach to how we live our lives. What if God complained daily about our choices, faults or our lifestyle? Do you think He would show us mercy after complaining so often? Probably not.

Do you believe God would have gave His Son as a sacrifice for our sins?

So many people today think they have to earn their way to heaven. They think they have to be “good enough” or “do the right thing” in order to be accepted by God.

They want to “clean up” before they come to Him.

But notice what today’s verse says, salvation is a gift from God. You can’t earn a gift. You don’t pay for it. You can only receive it by faith and say thank You.

If you’ve never received Jesus as the Lord of your life, there’s no better time to receive this free gift.

Let Him fill you with His peace and joy both now and throughout eternity.

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