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Are You Setting Reminders For The Lord?

While sitting around pondering our actions as children of God, one of the things that stood out to me is the addiction we have over our favorite television show, sports team, talk show, or an event.

We set our TiVo or reminders on our television shows , telling ourselves, ” I can’t afford to miss the next episode” we even go as far as getting dressed up in our favorite team apparel to show everyone we come in contact with that we are a dedicated fan.

I am going to ask these questions this morning: Are you a dedicated fan of God? Are you setting your TiVo’s to read what God has in store for you today.

Many won’t think their dedication to earthly things as an addiction, but what might be surprising is of these things are gaining more attention than the word of God.

The word is design to bring things to appear in your life. Why would you want to miss an episode? The word has many promises that if you truly “believe” you will want to tell the word how big of a fan you really are.

Beloved, these are times where the Lord needs our attention and dedication to His episodes and for the kingdom team.

Challenger yourself today to give God just a little more of your attention by setting reminders to read the word of God more.

Challenge yourself to where your best apparel to show everyone you are an ambassador of the Most High God.

You will start to see those episodes and rewards for your dedication come to life!

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