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Are You Living For Christ?

We sometimes go through the day wondering what is God’s purpose over our life? It’s a question that sometimes feel there is no simple answer.

We go through our days, falling into depression, despair and sometimes anger at what life has to offer. In those times, we lose track of ourselves, not realizing that if we live our days for Christ, the answers to that tough question becomes easy.

When the apostle Paul ventured through his life as an ambassador of Christ, he went through some tough times, but he kept Christ first.

He didn’t have much money and had very little when measuring at the material things in life. Paul knew if he just lived for Christ, he would gain far more and above anything on earth.

Beloved it’s time you start living for Christ. Start to believe that your gain in heaven is far greater than earth and watch how God starts to turn things around for you.

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