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Have You Lost Your Love?

It was an unforgettable moment.

For those of you who attended the Desiring God National Conference back in 2010, Francis Chan’s hour-long talk, “Think Hard, Stay Humble,” is likely still fixed in your memory. It’s one worth dropping somewhere on your calendar and hitting “Repeat: Yearly; Ends: Never.”

Chan, speaking to a room full of thinking-types, asked us a simple question: “Do you love like you used to?”

He understands the insidious pull in the course of learning that gradually yanks us from a warm life of love to a cold life of truncated knowledge. Somehow, he explains, we end up at this place where we “think hard about the Scriptures but we’re no longer thinking about people.”

Hear it from Chan in this short excerpt:

Watch the entire message, “Think Hard, Stay Humble.”

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