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God Will Pull You Out Of The Pit

If you take the time and look back on your past, you can pin point moments where things were not going right or it felt like you sank in a pit. But like everything in this world, time passed. For some, they sank even more, but for the ones who trustedGod they were delivered out of the pit.

I can picture King David writing this verse after reflecting on his transgressions and seeing the mighty work of God. David, like us all, was not perfect in anyway. He made choices that had major consequences to it.

But he never wavered away from God’s mighty power to deliver him out of his troubles.

God is merciful and promises to never leave us nor forsake us.

He loves us that much.

He loves you that much.

The next time you feel overwhelm remember God can deliver you out of any pit that life throws you into.

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