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[VIDEO] Da TRUTH: A Break From the 808s

PHILA, Tuesday, Nov 4th, 2014 – If you are living in the Philly area and keep up with Christian events, then you probably didn’t know Da TRUTH had a show on this past Monday.  Yup – It all went down in Blackwood, NJ at Musically Speaking studios.  If you had no clue, it’s perfectly fine – don’t flip out, this won’t be the last time something like this happens.

So what happened exactly?  This:

Da T.R.U.T.H. Unplugged: A Break from the 808’s

This concert featuring Da TRUTH (Emmanuel Lambert), and Mixed Bag Entertainment’s Prayz1 & Thomas “TC” Clay (as you can see) was meant to be informal and intimate – so it was by invite only.  This wasn’t your typical Hip-Hop setting, there wasn’t just one mic, 15 random guys on stage and blaring tracks accompanying cleverly written (or not so cleverly written) rhymes.  No, this event follow 3 very simple laws, Love Jesus, Love Music & Love Hip-Hop.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for when I walked into the studio, but I had an opportunity to sit down with Mr. Lambert and this is what he said:

Lambert’s set included what he called his “B-Side” songs that showcased the lighter side of his music (hence, the break from the 808s).  With a little help from TC and Prayz1, Lambert was able to share his heart regarding the division in the body of Christ and even let us in to a personal moment of worship.  Who says you can’t be moved to worship at a Hip-Hop concert?  Even though the event was more “chill” in nature, it wasn’t devoid of “turn up”:

This is the first of many “Unplugged” events featuring the Mixbag artists and more.  If you are interested in being invited to the next event, follow @truthonduty.  For more info on the event itself, email [email protected]


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