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A Sermon for Your Day

A Sermon for Your Day

Preaching matters because words matter.

This is the way God has hardwired humans. Just as he has eternally communicated in his triune fellowship, he has created us as communicative beings. Through sounds with our mouths, we form audible symbols that transfer meaning. Even if our speaking and hearing is impaired, humans are so ingrained to communicate that we’ve designed other ways to express meaning. One way or another, we must get the symbols out there. Speaking and listening is what makes the word go round, and we all have our stories.

Often, the biggest moments of our lives have to do with words. Our sharpest memories tend to be things we’ve heard, time when we’ve been spoken to. For Christians, there’s a sermon somewhere that God used to change us. There was a preacher with a Bible who declared truth and we were never the same. It could be any preacher, really, but for so many of us, it has been at least one sermon from John Piper that impacted us deeply.

We’ve actually asked you about that. A couple years ago, we surveyed you, our readers, on your favorite Piper sermon and how it helped you. After nearly 500 responses, sifting through several of the same sermons and adding some staff picks, we now have a list of 365 sermons. This is one sermon for every day of the year chosen by you because God used it in your life.

Where to Find It

We are calling this “Sermon of the Day” and you can find it on the right column of our homepage (in the desktop version), or at the bottom of the homepage (in the mobile version). In addition to new articles every morning and evening, this right column features the most recent content from, including the daily Ask Pastor John interview, the latest Look at the Book video, the Solid Joys daily devotional, and now, the daily sermon.

Our plan is to make available, free of charge, God-centered, Christ-exalting content from several angles: pastoral wisdom (considering all kinds of questions), exegetical insight (keeping our nose in the text), devotional treasures (meditating on the truth), and the preached word (in one sense, a combination of the previous three).

We are in the process of developing a “Sermon of the Day” app, but for now, you can simply listen or watch the sermon within your web browser, or you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. If you don’t use iTunes, simply checkout the sermon RSS feed.

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