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Bible Verse Of The Day- “We Love Him Because He First Loved Us”

It wasn’t long ago I found myself in the worse possible situation. Feeling depressed, lonely and confused, I thought that the journey I was taking would be a gut wrenching isolated battle.

But God. God showed up with His hands open. I didn’t know at that time if I should take His hand or keep walking down that journey alone.

Time went on. I spent days weeping trying to grasp this path that was unfamiliar to my flesh, mind and spirit.

I couldn’t do it alone.

But God. Instead of waiting for me to grab His hand, God took my hand and held it tight. Tight enough to calm every waking principalities that tried to attack me.

I made it to through that journey unscathed, comforted and now a new person. To say God has let go of my hand now is an understatement.

God continues to hold my hands through other journeys and will do the same for you as you enter in His presence.

“We love God because He First loved us.”

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