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How Anxious Are You For 2015?

As a New a Year as begins a simple promise from the Lord comes to mind as the months begins to past us by:

“Be anxious for nothing.”

The apostle Paul had many reasons to be restless, anxious or be down as he journeyed his way to spread the gospel. It’s not easy going through life trying to do the right thing but to only receive negativity from others.

But the Lord spoke to Paul as He is doing to you today.

Be anxious for nothing.

When your bills start to frustrate you, remind yourself who is in charge and trust in Him.

When the daily struggles come your way seeking a negative reaction, tell yourself who you belong too and God’s ability to calm all the storms.

It’s a New Year with a new mindset, but always remember it’s the same old God who will change things if you only believe.

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