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Keep On Pressing On

Picture this.

Going through life talking about something you can’t see but feel. Knowing that this feeling is powerful than any other being on hurt. Being mocked and being persecuted for living according to how this feeling wants you too.

That is how Paul felt as he look to spread the word of God and how we sometimes feel as we hold on to the Holy Spirit.

Now picture this.

Never letting go of the greatest gift ever given to you in life. No matter the opinion of others, always looking to that gift to get you through the tough times and lead you to inherit wonderful promises.

That is how Paul felt as well.

We might go through some rough moments feeling lonely, no one wants to interact with us because of what we believe in, but remembering how powerful our God is keeps us going on a daily basis.

What are you facing today that gives you a feeling of loneliness?

Give it God and let Him lead you to pastures that self could never take you.

Little is much when God is in it.

God, give me the strength to break free from anything in my past that is holding me back. Thank you for being the God of new beginnings. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

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